MAXI Absorb (S-M Size)

NEW! More affordable and Superior Absorbency diaper from MamyPoko!
There’s always the worry of leakages that makes mothers change diapers more often to prevent them. No more with MamyPoko MAXI Absorb! Comes with Maxi pad that can hold more urine and prevents leakages up to 10 hours. As a result, less diaper changes and mothers can save more! When a baby is happy, the mother is happier!
How to wear / Size Chart & Specifications

How to Put on a Tape Diaper

Step 1

Open the diaper, the side with re-attachable tapes is the back-side.

Step 2

Unfold the flaps and open the re-attachable tape.

Step 3

Unfold and open front-side flaps.

Step 4

To prevent unnecessary folds, ensure the front-side of the diaper is flat when attaching the tapes.

Size Chart & Specifications

Baby Stage Baby Stage
Size Newborn S M L XL XXL

MamyPoko Maxi Absorb
Size Weight(KG) Pack Size (pieces)
Mini Regular Jumbo
S 3-8 12 24 52
M 6-11 10 21 46
L 9-14 9 18 38
XL 12-17 7 15 30
XXL 15-25 5 12 -
Superior Absorbency
Superior Absorbency
MAXI Absorb has the Maxi pad which is thicker and can absorb more urine and prevent leakages up to 10 hours* of usage. Keeping your baby comfortable all day long!

*The hours may vary according to the individual baby’s urine amount.
Soft Surface Material
Soft Surface Material
Designed to gently caress and cuddle your baby’s delicate skin.
Standing Side Gathers
Standing Side Gathers
Don’t worry about urine leaking out from the sides because the Standing Side Gathers prevent leakage!
Soft Re-attachable Tape
Soft Re-attachable Tape
Adjust your baby’s diaper more than once with the Soft Re-attachable Tape to best fit the baby.
Poko Chan Design
Poko Chan Design
Put a smile on your baby’s face with the adorable design of Poko Chan, friend of babies everywhere!
MamyPoko Size Chart

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