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MamyPoko products change in accordance with the different stages of growth and development. They take into account not only changes in baby's size, but also changes in baby's motor skills and in the quantity and consistency of baby's urine and stool. Choose the MamyPoko size that best fits your baby's current stage of development.

MamyPoko Size Chart

MamyPoko Extra Dry

MamyPoko Extra Dry

Tape Diaper provides a snug fit without being too tight!

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MamyPoko Pants Extra Soft

MamyPoko Pants Extra Soft Fit

Our top of the line Pants product. Made with softer premium materials, excellent absorbency and comes with cute Disney characters!

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MamyPoko Air Fit

MamyPoko Air Fit

Air Fit: Soft fit with no worries of leakage.

Size: Newborn / S Learn more
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MamyPoko MAXI Absorb

MamyPoko MAXI Absorb

NEW! A more affordable range from MamyPoko, with superior absorbency up to 10 hours! Keeping your baby happy all day long!

Size:S / M Learn more
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MamyPoko Pants Standard

MamyPoko Easy Fit Pants

Easy to wear, and efficient absorbency at an affordable price!

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MamyPoko Baby Wipes effectively remove dirt and germs. Because wipes comes into contact with your baby's skin many times a day, it is important that they are gentle on your baby's skin.

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MamyPoko Size Chart